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The Best Gelato in Rome, Italy

When visiting Rome, eating gelato at least three times a day is acceptable. (As well as eating gelato in the airport at 9 a.m. for breakfast before catching your flight home). Feel no guilt. You are likely to find gelato shops on every street and great ones at that. Before I get to naming off the best gelato shops in the city, I'm going to give you a little information.

So, what’s the difference between gelato and ice cream?

For a girl who works in an ice cream shop, I get asked this question a lot. Gelato is much denser compared to ice cream and is kept at a warmer temperature, making it much softer. Another major difference is the fat content. Gelato is made with a lower percentage of fat.

With that said, here is a list of the top gelato shops in Rome to get you started. There’s not much more you need to know about these shops other than the gelato is great, the customer service is great, and the atmosphere is great.

1. Gelateria Fatamorgana

2. Gelateria dell’Angeletto

3. Gelateria dei Gracchi

4. Gelateria San Crispino

5. Gelateria del Teatro

6. Giolitti

7. Neve di Latte

8. Cremilla

9. Chegelato Gelateria- I stumbled upon this place one night and it ended up being my favorite!


You really can't go wrong with flavors to pick from! My personal favorites were Amarena, a sweet cherry gelato, as well as Nutella (obviously, since it's Italy). Lemon is also really great if you're looking for something more refreshing!

If you're really unsure of what flavor to pick, ask whoever is helping you, what the most popular flavors are, and their personal favorites. This will help you narrow down your options. Samples are always great too!

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Dec 22, 2020


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