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A Day Trip to Monet's House from Paris

Giverny, Claude Monet's home, was the subject of some of his most famous paintings. Monet was one of the artists known for starting the impressionism movement in France during the second half of the 19th century. Impressionism focused on capturing the aspects of nature and portraying nature as how the artist saw it. The movement involved looking at how the colors and light affected the scene, which was not a technique used beforehand in realism.

Monet was an extraordinary artist and is still known widely today. His beautiful home in Giverny is open for tours and is most definitely worth a day trip from Paris to see! Here’s a guide to Monet’s house and garden!

Giverny and Vernon

Giverny is a cute little village where Monet’s house stands. The village is lined with beautiful country homes, a few cute cafes, shops, and art studios. Monet is also buried here in the Giverny Church Cemetery. It is a ten-minute walk through town from Monet’s home.

The town of Vernon, 3 miles down the road, is also worth visiting. Lined with many timber-framed homes, it is a nice place to stroll around if you have extra time. If you’re interested in seeing Monet’s work while you’re in the area Musée Alphonse-Georges Poulain has some of his art on display there.

If you’re unable to go to Musée Alphonse-Georges Poulain, Musée D’Orsay in Paris has a whole floor dedicated to impressionism, with many of Monet’s famous paintings there.

Monet’s House

It’s important to know Monet’s House is closed during the winter months. My biggest suggestion when planning a trip to France is to do it during a shoulder season if you can. During the high season, popular tourist destinations become extremely busy, Monet’s House being one of them. I went at the end of April just as the tourist season was picking up, and it wasn’t too crowded yet. Tickets cost 9.5 euros to tour the house and gardens.

Monet moved into his home in Giverny in 1883 and lived there for over 40 years until his death. When visiting his home, you’ll be able to walk throughout the house and see all the colorful rooms. You’ll see Monet’s love for Japanese art in the Japanese styled details you’ll find throughout the rooms. He even had a collection of over 200 Japanese prints.

The Clos Normand

After walking throughout the house, explore the garden out back! It is absolutely beautiful and well maintained. The garden was originally an apple orchard, but Monet redesigned it himself after buying the property. There’s a huge array of vibrant flowers, which were used in some of Monet’s paintings.

The Water Garden

You’ll see an emphasis on Japanese style in Monet’s Water Garden at the back of the property as well. The plants and the bridge both give a Japanese feel to the garden. Monet’s famous waterlilies paintings were of this garden. The waterlilies series were some of the most iconic pieces of impressionism.

How to Get There

From Paris, your options of getting to Giverny include going by car, tour bus, or train. Taking the train is your best, most convenient option. Direct trains to Giverny leave every couple of hours from Paris Gare Saint-Lazare. The trip only takes 50-minutes to arrive at Gare de Vernon. Check the train schedule on SNCF.

Once in Vernon, have the option of getting to Giverny by taxi, shuttle, bike, or walking. Taking a taxi is the most expensive option so you’re better off taking a shuttle. There is often one waiting outside the train station for people to hop on. Make sure to have cash in case they don’t accept card payment. A shuttle will cost around 10 euros round trip.

You also have the option of renting a bike or walking. If you’re interested in renting a bike, there are cafes across the street from the train station that rent them out. It costs around 15 euros to rent a bike for the day. Walking is a great option if you have the time, as it takes a little over an hour to do so.

Wrapping Up

Giverny is a great day trip from Paris to take! After being in Paris, Giverny is a nice break from the city. The area is beautiful, and you’ll fall in love with the place! By visiting Giverny, you’ll see firsthand where Monet drew his inspiration from. Visitors leave having a better understanding and appreciation for his work!

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2 commentaires

Krista Plociennik
Krista Plociennik
06 mars 2021

I've visited Paris a couple of times but had no idea that this was there! Such a great suggestion for my next trip to the city.


Ann Runaway
Ann Runaway
06 mars 2021

I was in Paris a few years ago, but I didn't know about such a lovely place.I must visit Giverny next time.Thank you for recommendation :)

Runaway Ann |

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