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First Aid Essentials to Pack when Traveling

It’s always important to be prepared when you travel because you never know what situations you’ll get into or items you’ll need. Majority of these items I carry with me even when I’m not traveling, making them even more essential when taking a trip! Depending on where you’re going, you might not have access to some of these products so it’s smart to buy beforehand. With that said, here is a list of first aid essentials to pack for a trip!


All of these medicines are great to have on the flight or drive to your destination, as well as while you’re on the trip. These items will be extremely useful, especially melatonin if there’s going to be a huge time change. Some places also might not have the version you prefer so it’s best to buy it at home where you know you’ll be able to find these products.


Dramamine- for motion sickness


Antibiotic ointment


Cold medicine

Allergy Medicine


Outdoorsy Essentials

If you know your trip will involve outdoor activities, make sure to have these items. Most trips involve a great deal of walking and being outside, even the places you visit that are more urban. Think about the activities, location, and weather when deciding to bring these items on your trip.

Water bottle

Water purification


Bug spray


These items are great to have with you on the go because sometimes you won’t have access to them. I carry around a tiny to-go bottle of soap when I travel because I don't always find it when I need it. After the year we’ve all had, I don’t think the importance of these items needs any more explaining.

Hand sanitizer


Antibacterial wipes


These extra items are super easy to carry with you and can come in handy, not just for you, but for anyone you’re with! They will be of no inconvenience because of their lightweight. Put them all in a small pouch and you’re set!




Eye drops

Makeup wipes


Small Scissors

Wrapping it Up

There you have it! The best list of first aid essentials that can be used for any type of trip! You’ll feel more at ease the more prepared you are to travel, as any unforeseen events can be made better with these items!

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