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Myths About Hostels

When I’ve talked to people about traveling, I’ve discovered most don’t know much about hostels. People often have the same misconceptions and ideas about what they are like. With this post, you can learn about all the hostel myths and find out what they are really like!

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Hostels are Dangerous

Hostels are extremely safe in reality, and they often take extra measures to ensure the safety of their guests. For example, most hostels lock the doors in the late hours, provide lockers for people’s belongings, and have cameras throughout. Although you should always keep your guard up and take precautions in new environments, most hostel stayers are there to just have a good time and see new places.

Hostels are Dirty

I’ve stayed in quite a few hostels throughout my travels and have had great experiences. A hostel’s goal is to provide a clean, organized, fun environment for all their guests so they often strive for that. When booking a hostel, use Hostelworld! You’ll be able to see what the rooms look like and have a better idea of where you’ll be staying.

Hostels Don’t Have Privacy

People often don’t realize that booking a private room is an option. If you’re wanting a room to yourself, all hostels provide them. Another great choice if dorm life is more your style is having the option to room with all females or all males if you want. You can pick the number of people that stay in your room as well. The more people you choose to room with, the cheaper it’ll be.

Hostels are Only for Young People

People of all ages love the benefits that hostels have to offer. Whether it’s for saving money or simply just the social aspect, you’ll find a variety of people at hostels, young or old.

Hostels are for Partying

There are hostels and then there are party hostels. If you’re interested in a more relaxed accommodation, you won’t have to worry when booking a normal hostel. On the other hand, if you’re wanting a party atmosphere, it will be clearly advertised what type of hostel you’re booking.

Hostels are the Same Everywhere

Each hostel has its own style, and the energy is different in each one. This is great because you’ll never get bored with them! There are also different types of hostels that are marketed towards different groups of people so whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it!

Hostels Don’t Offer Amenities

Just because hostels are inexpensive does not mean amenities are not offered. You’ll often find that hostels provide free wifi, laundry machines, free breakfast, and bars/restaurants with major discounts offered to hostel stayers. Hostels even plan events to make it easier for their guests to meet other people!

Wrapping it Up

There you have it, the truth about hostels! I’ve had some of the best times staying at them and have had many memorable experiences. If you’re wanting to learn even more about hostels check out my other posts on How to Meet People in Hostels, Hostel Etiquette, and Items to Pack When Staying in Hostels! Now go experience a hostel for yourself!

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