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Items to Pack When Staying in Hostels

Having all the essentials to stay at a hostel will make your whole stay run smoother and your life easier. When I first started staying at hostels, these were all items I didn’t think about having, but now I would never forget. With that said, here is a list of items to pack when staying in hostels!


Although hostels are extremely safe, it’s always best to be cautious. You’ll feel more at ease knowing your belongings are locked up so no one can get to them. I suggest bringing two padlocks with you on your trip; one for the bag you carry with you and one for the bag you leave at the hostel. Pickpocketing can happen and people can get into your bag more easily than you think when you’re out. That’s why I always lock my bag so no one can reach my valuables.

Small Shower Towel and Washcloths

Hostels often charge guests to rent a towel for their stay. You can save money by bringing your own with you, but the key is to bring a small thin towel. Packing a regular-sized towel isn’t ideal because it takes up a lot of luggage space. Packing a small one will do the job just fine! Washcloths will also come in handy so pack a few to use while getting ready.


You never know when you’ll get a room with a loud snorer so having earplugs with you is essential! Some hostels will sell them to you at the front desk or if you’re lucky, they give out free ones, but it’s always best to buy them beforehand to ensure you have access to them. If you forget to bring some and the hostel doesn’t have any, pharmacies often carry them.

Laundry bag

Staying organized is key when staying at a hostel and keeping your dirty clothes separate from your clean clothes will help with that. This will keep your clean clothes smelling fresh until you’re able to wash your laundry.

Shower Shoes

You’ll be sharing showers with other people so bring shower shoes. Make sure to only bring shoes that dry quickly because you won’t want to put wet ones into your bag. With that said, I suggest packing rubber made sandals!

Travel Adapter

These are great because different countries may have different types of outlets. Travel adapters are super cheap and allow you to use outlets anywhere in the world you go to. Buy one with multiple USB ports so you can charge multiple things at once! I use them to charge my portable charger and phone at the same time.

Hanging Toiletry Bag

Hostel bathrooms don’t often have a lot of shelves to put your toiletries on or counter space around the sinks so having a hanging toiletry bag will make your life much easier. This will allow you to have all your items compact into one bag for easy access.


It’s common to have trouble sleeping in new environments so having a natural sleeping aid can help. If you’re going somewhere with a major time change, melatonin can help with jetlag as well.

Wrapping it Up

Having these items with you on your trip can improve your experience at a hostel! These are all worth having and are relatively inexpensive at that. I’ll say it again; hostel life is the best life and having these essentials will only make it better! Happy travels!

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