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First Post!!!

Thanks for coming to The Travel Strategy guide! I’m making this guide to share all that I’ve learned from traveling. With this, I want to share all the great activities to do all over the world, as well as all the great foods there are to try. This guide will benefit those who are eager to travel but want to do it in a more affordable way. The goal is to educate you, my readers, on why inexpensive travel doesn’t take away from the experience, but instead adds to it. On my website, I’ll include posts giving restaurant recommendations, hostel recommendations, and wide-ranging travel tips.

Travel is so essential, and you’ll gain so much insight from it. I want to encourage you to go travel with a good strategy in hand. With that said, there will be new posts coming this week and I hope you all enjoy them!

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1 Comment

Max Goins
Max Goins
Aug 04, 2020

OMG so excited!!

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